Clean Line Pools

cleanline pools designed by coastal aquatic creations at pacific palisades

Clean Line Pools Builders In Los Angeles

As a leading swimming pool designer and contractor in Los Angeles and Malibu, Coastal Aquatic Creations collaborates with clients up and down the California coast to design custom outdoor living experiences. Our approach to design is a finely tuned balance between reflecting the surrounding architectural and landscape features and shaping the space into something new and more personal.

Our projects are highly individualized with no template for construction—only a fresh creative perspective. We offer free design consultations to homeowners planning to enhance their luxury lifestyle. From your ideas and lifestyle, we create a living vision in the form of clean line pools for the most contemporary finish.

Modern pool design for modern living

You may be an avid entertainer renowned among social sets for your dramatic parties worthy of a magazine photoshoot, or maybe you’re a more private individual seeking a peaceful escape from work and media on your own property. The common factor before the creative process takes over a unique project is a passion for modern, contemporary, and avant-garde architecture. When a home is striking in its simplicity, it’s absolutely necessary to reflect this philosophy in landscape design and features like swimming pools and spas. The design team at Coastal Aquatic Creations is well-versed in architectural trends in order to seamlessly carry your style into an outdoor living space with a sleek swimming pool that’s as bold as it is subtle.

Taking the practical hassle out of clean line pool construction

Our clients live on coastal and cliffside properties subject to every form of building challenge or local zoning code. They trust Coastal Aquatic Creations to manage the details of a project for a smooth process that’s efficient and minimally disruptive to busy lifestyles. We’re able to deliver that to you by drawing on over two decades of construction management experience. You can be deeply involved in the perfect pool design and step back to watch it become a reality without lifting a finger. We take care of everything, from cutting-edge lighting features to advanced water treatment services.

Imagine your luxury pool design

View our past projects page for a glimpse into the luxury lifestyles our design team creates in Los Angeles and Malibu, CA. If you choose us as your pool designer and contractor, we can also partner with you to finish a cohesive landscape design to maximize the outdoor lifestyle coastal California offers. Enjoy luxury living and learn more about combining pool and landscape design into a single project.

Each project is completely custom designed in order to reflect your personal sophistication, your home’s architectural style, and the landscape itself. To learn more about our creative process or meet our team, schedule a free consultation with Coastal Aquatic Creations today. We’ll explore your landscape together and collaborate on opportunities to enhance your outdoor lifestyle.

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