Naturalistic Pools

freeform pools epitomized by coastal aquatic creations at santa monica

Naturalistic Pools that Echo Our Los Angeles Coastline

As homeowners in Southern California seek out ways to feel more connected to nature, natural pools are becoming a landscape staple with endless design possibilities. Coastal Aquatic Creations draws on the seaside inspiration all around us to create peaceful, luxurious getaways on your very own property. Contact our pool design team today to arrange for a private consultation anywhere along the Malibu, CA, and Los Angeles, CA, coast. We’ll collaborate with you to match your dream style elements with our practical construction expertise to craft a unique swimming pool that gives a nod to our beautiful state and its low-key lifestyle.

The elements of a natural pool

The key factors that separate a naturalistic swimming pool from an architectural modern creation are shape, water, and accessories. Perhaps most noticeably, freeform pools have gentles curves and lack sharp corners or clear edges. In fact, our design team can seamlessly incorporate an infinity pool edge to a naturalistic pool to highlight the endless, indistinct nature of where water meets earth and sky.

The water itself can also play an important role in a truly natural pool. We can help you design a swimming pool with a natural pH level without the chlorine or harsh chemicals used during the advent of private pool design. Saltwater, natural rock filtration, and other alternatives now exist to make a pool look and feel like a natural water feature that has always existed in your yard. Closely tied to the quality of the water are interactive accessories, such as waterfalls or pumps that provide natural filtration under the guise of purely decorative aesthetics. Aquatic plants and loosely landscaped borders can also serve the dual purpose of softening the shape of a custom pool and keeping it clean.

Natural pool trends

The freeform curves of a naturalistic pool can accommodate unusual spaces and create surprising shapes or depth within a landscape design. To incorporate a naturalistic pool into your overall landscape design, visit the luxury living page and consider relying on Coastal Aquatic Creations for your entire outdoor living space design.

Natural pools are also a popular choice for homeowners who prefer more eco-friendly water and fewer chemicals in their swimming pools, opting for chlorine-free solutions or waterfall-style filtration to keep the water fresh and pure. A naturalistic pool can transform your outdoor space into a living water feature when designed by proven professionals.

Luxury pool construction

Coastal Aquatic Creations has over 25 years of experience constructing swimming pools with stunning results. Today, we lead the industry with a team of in-house design engineers, architects, and landscape artists who not only create swimming pool designs, but also build and install your pool to our exceptionally high standards of quality. To schedule a private consultation in Los Angeles, CA, or Malibu, CA, free of charge, call our team today to learn more.

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